Derby City Classic 2020

Billy Thorpe, who managed to become the best in the “game of the wise” at the age of 20, discipline “One Pocket”. Which traditionally requires great experience & extensive knowledge, 2 years later decorated his track record with another Derby City Classic 2020. This time distinguishing himself in doublets. Now he can only win the last element of triathlon someday – the nine tournament & stand on a par with the greatest American players of the universal plan.

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Thorpe defeated an opponent whom they did not expect to see, not only at the approaches to the finals. But at least the round in the 10th – he was Omar Ash-Shahin. The first representative of the Arab world, speaking in the DCC finals. Moreover, the player from Kuwait forced the American to work hard for the sake of victory.

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With the same score, 3-2, they split up in another final bout – in the “one-pocket” tournament – Corey Duel and Francisco Bustamante. It is noteworthy that this finale was a repetition of a similar match 6 years ago. But if then the American player got the better of “dry”, now the Filipino is stronger.

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Unlike Thorpe, success at the Derby City Classic came to Bustamanta at the time of billiard maturity. Yes, back in 2008, Django became a finalist of the Nine and played the title. “Master of the Game”, but he came to his first victory in the Derby tournament 5 years later, having met his 50th birthday.

However, Francisco Bustamante sang a well-deserved ode a year ago. When he again became the “Master of the game“, defeating everything in the same “one pocket”.

Following the finalists of the “one-pocket” tournament, Alex Pagulayan, Dennis Orkulo and Roberto Gomez settled down. As you can see, this year, representatives of the Philippines dominate in this form. And together with Gomez & Shane Van Bouning. The fifth place was shared by the Russian Fedor Horst. Ruslan Chinakhov finished in the 21st, having dropped out of the game in the 8th round due to a defeat from SVB.